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“Bitcoin? I’ve never heard of it”… Said no one. 

If you’re new to Bitcoin then be sure to stick around to the end for some special  treats so you can easily get started!

 You’d had to of been living under a rock literally, for the past few years & especially weeks to not have ever heard of Bitcoin. In case you have been under a rock & I’m not judging you if you have been, Bitcoin is whats known as Crypto-currency & it’s been getting extremely popular lately because it reached over the $11,000  mark. A huge jump from the $7,000  it was about 2 weeks before that & many experts are saying it will grow to new records by the time Christmas comes because of the demand, so if you want to get in the potential hike then don’t wait! 

Will Bitcoin stay around?

 With many market experts praising Bitcoin, they see no signs or reasons why it won’t continue to grow. After all, major retailers are accepting Bitcoin & you can even get a Bitpay Visa card! You will also hear that Bitcoin is a scam & ponzi scheme. I’ve seen many many many people claiming it to be a scam or ponzi scheme and guess what… There isn’t much if any evidence to prove it & the folks saying that in these FB comments can’t seem to proof up either. I’d recommend doing your own research to make yourself comfortable if you plan to invest or not.

It has been proven though to pay out largely for some people & continues to do so. I see people cashing out their Bitcoin all the time or just leaving it in so it can compound (more on that later). A lot of these major banking companies are trying to use scare tactics because Bitcoin is hurting their precious banking fees. After all, Bitcoin is designed to cut out the greedy banks & make it able to just deal person to person. That’s why the government is complaining and the big banks don’t like it.

The Dollar has weakened…

 It’s true. History has shown & it’s all around. Fiat currency ( Currency that a government has declared legal tender, but is not backed by a physical commodity) Has become weaker and weaker making it harder for folks to make a living. We’re in a time where student loan debt is so high for so many & the dollar has weakened, making it harder to pay back these loans and a large amount of these jobs that people go to college for aren’t available! A strategist by the name of Tom Lee said on CNBC that “Bitcoin is ‘digital gold’ for millennials and could reach $100,000”.  I think that’s why folks like Gary Vaynerchuk & Mark Cuban are investing in Bitcoin. If you invest now & hold till that happens then by god you would be loving me for creating this post & what I’m about to offer you.

“Bitcoin is unstoppable.” -Bill Gates

I want to invest but don’t know how or where!

 People keep saying Bitcoin is a scam & won’t be around but at the same time Mcdonalds is saying their going to accept it by 2018! Imagine you investing in Bitcoin before Mcdonalds releases that option. That’s most likely going to increase the value of Bitcoin big time because if it wasn’t mainstream enough & taking serious already, then who else but the advertising kings Mcdonalds to help skyrocket Bitcoin’s value by having the #1 food chain in the world accepting it… I hope you see a pattern here. If you’re one of those people that doesn’t care for Bitcoin and thinks it’s stupid then have a good day! Meanwhile, you don’t have to buy an entire Bitcoin for thousands just to invest. People are putting in $59 here or $100 there & seeing a return on it. There’s people charging to show folks how to invest or where to invest and that’s crazy! …… So listen to this.

What to do next… Here is my offer.

 So you’re new, excited & ready to dive in! The problem is, you have no clue where to start or need questions answered… My offer to you is this…

What if you had the following things available to you?
  • Closed private Facebook group where you can ask questions 24/7 while learning! Go from new to on your way to making thousands a day.
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  • Webinars & Facebook Live’s on how to scale for more success & multiply your earnings.
  • Strategy guide to building & compounding for maximum gain.
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  • All FREE & much much more….
For FREE. Does that get you excited!? Don’t be left in the dark!
If you’re new & want to start investing then all you have to do is see if you qualify below.

All you need to do to is join me at the links below. As you can see, there are not many people giving away free information & showing you how to get started for free along with a group to answer your questions & help you along the way + much more….
Extremely easy for you to join! Here are the steps to get going!
  1. Join USI  to get all the goodies! This is also where you’ll be able to compound & stack your Bitcoin!…I’d love to join!
  2. You will want to join me at Coinbase too. For every $100 you spend here, you get $10 Free! Sign me up!


If you plan to be serious about Bitcoin investing then you want to either now or after you start seeing some returns, order a trezor hard wallet ( external wallet you keep your Bitcoin on, safest way to store Bitcoin.) You can get one of those now from Amazon if you’d like. Click here for Trezor wallet

What’s next?

After you sign up at the links above, go ahead & submit a request for the Facebook group called “Bank On Bitcoin” or click here to pull it up. It will prompt you with some questions, after you’ve signed up for all 3 links, when the first questions after submitting a join request pops up. Answer with “Joined your team from the blog” & you will be accepted! (Unless you’re already in the group.) After I add you to that group & see that you’ve joined the links. I will then add you too the closed Facebook group where you’ll be in with people making thousands of dollars a day & you will be able to view all the FREE training & more immediately! 


Do this now!

This is what I always do before I put in any effort towards anything. Always ask yourself, what is my outcome if I do this? In this case, signing up will get you a lot of freebies, you will be able to invest in Bitcoin & learn about this fast growing Crypto-currency… Or you can sit back with the others who are calling it a scam & a ponzi scheme who will not benefit at all when the price of Bitcoin continues to skyrocket. You’re choice! Also don’t put into Bitcoin any money you aren’t afraid to lose because with any investment, that’s always a risk. Hope to see you in the group!


Brandon is an American actor/blogger/Youtuber & runs his own Vlog. Follow for great content that is created & shared through the Vlog, reviews, success stories & so much more that is submitted almost daily.

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