2003 Mustang EASY oil change!

EASY oil change in my 2003 Mustang…

We’ve had this car in the family since 2003 & it was bought with 3 miles on the odometer! To change the oil in the car is a very easy task, I used to be an automotive technician so I’ve changed oil at least 1,000 times. Changing the oil in this car is one of the easiest to do! The filter is out in the open & the drain plug is easy to get too. If you have trouble getting the filter off then you can do the same thing I did in the video & that bad boy should come right off! Be sure to use jack stands! So here are the steps to an EASY oil change in my 2003 Mustang!

  • Drain oil & make sure drain plug is tight after all the oil is drained.
  • Remove filter & make sure the seal isn’t stuck to the oil filter housing! Or else you will have a big mess upon start up…
  • With the new filter, take your finger & put a little bit of oil on the seal of the new filter for lubrication.
  • Put the New filter on & hand tighten that thing as hard as you can get it.
  • This car takes 5 quarts of oil.
  • Put old oil in plastic container like shown in the video & take it to your local auto parts store where they usually take old oil for free.


All this is explained in the video & where to get your oil for cheap! Don’t go pay a shop $70+ dollars for something that’s $25-$30 at the store, Unless you don’t know how to change it yourself or just don’t have the time but I enjoy doing it myself. Check out the video here to see how it’s done on this car.

Also, it’s the same concept for each car. Every car has a drain plug where you drain the oil & a filter you change, it’s just a matter of what kind of filter the car takes ( Canister or cartridge ) But that can easily be found out & also you can easily find how to change the oil on just about any car. Enjoy the video!!! 

I Love Mustangs!!!

Iv’e been to Mustang week in Myrtle beach twice already & used to have a pretty insane Foxbody that everyone was nuts over… Check out that video by clicking here… You won’t want to miss that if you’re a fan of them!

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