Just saw Paramore in concert. Here is your guitar lesson!

Just recently saw Paramore…Again!

We drove a couple hours away to go see Paramore at the civic theater in Akron, OH on Sunday & it was another great show. The last time I saw them was at the Bunberry Music Festival in Cincinnati a few years ago. I was extremely excited for that show & it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to because Paramore opened up for Fall Out Boy & I was ecstatic to finally see Fall Out Boy in concert for the first time! It was a great time & the weather was perfect. After seeing the recent concert, I did a guitar lesson on one of her popular newer songs. It’s here on Youtube or click the video below.


She sure is….A Rocker!

Haley Williams sure is a firecracker! She can put on a great show & is full of a ton of energy! If you’ve ever been to one of her shows, she always brings someone on stage to sing part of a song & you probably already know which one. She always brings someone up to sing the bridge in Misery Business. Funny thing about this time was she was looking around for awhile & finally picked this guy that was extremely excited & brought a “PICK ME” sign. It’s awesome how she always get’s her fans involved. Later in the show, she had about 7-8 people come up on stage to dance for an entire song. There is a clip from the concert in the video below.

Want more FREE lessons!?

I will be doing a few more Paramore songs since I have some concert footage to show & create the lessons off of those songs. Be sure to give the video a like & subscribe if you’re feeling nice :)! I will post the additional lessons to this blog post once they’re posted.

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