Car Confessions episode #2 Adopt before you shop!

Thinking about getting a new pet?

 Whether it’s the first pet you’ve ever gotten or you just keep adding to your fur family, adopting can help to save some great pets lives! If you’re thinking about getting a new dog or cat, then I always recommend to check out your local shelters. There are always plenty of great dogs there that would love to get the chance to show their loyalty & love. There are plenty of dogs there that deserve a good home & would make a great family pet or companion. Thanks to my mom & dad, I’ve had many dogs & pets growing up. We all just have a huge soft spot for dogs. Check out my latest video about one of the dogs that was rescued below.

Pretty wild right?

 It’s wild to think that, dating back to as far as time can remember, dogs were around as a humans companion. Most of them are incredibly loyal & protective of the ones they love. There are always videos on the internet I’m sure you’ve  probably seen, that a dog does something & then the caption says “What did we do to deserve dogs?”. Dogs are the greatest pets in my opinion. We have 5 right now & have rescued dogs for many years. You can rescue one too! or is it the dog that will rescue you? 

Check out these pups!

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