My first Blink-182 concert with guitar lesson–Updated with another song!

This is a post about the first time I saw Blink-182 in concert (Free) & how you can learn one of their songs right now! 

So there I was standing at the concert & I couldn’t believe I finally got to see the people who I’ve listened to for so long. Before we go into that let me tell you how I ended up there… My lovely girlfriend was going to go with her friends who got tickets & for some crazy reason her friends backed out! So when asked if I wanted to go see Blink-182 I was incredibly happy…

Was it SOLD OUT? You bet!

I’ve been to quite a few concerts & have never seen so many people so excited about a concert. A lot of people around the same age as me who also most likely grew up listening to them. After the openers were off & Blink-182 came on, the place went insane! Lucky it was an outside concert & the weather was beautiful. Want to see some video of the concert? Check it out below in my guitar tutorial of one of their songs!

 If you ever get the chance to go & see them then I highly recommend it!

It was a really good concert & I was extremely happy the entire time because of the “WOW” factor of it all. Who knows! Maybe if you don’t have a guitar you will go & get one now so you can follow my channel & learn some of these!


Updated with another song!


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