Post from Car Confessions Episode #1 The Rockmill myths

Car Confessions Episode #1 The Rock mill Myths

Rock mill is located in Lancaster, OH & it’s a small mill with a huge history. It was one of those places you heard about when you were in high school that everyone would wonder what it was or looked like, you know like the secret popular spot kids would talk about & that would bring a lot of curiosity!

Before I explain further, watch my video so you can see for yourself! 

Now you know!

I’m not to sure if the spot is as popular now as it is when I was in school but even some old folks remember going there when they were younger & when asked, nobody knows why the hole is so big. It’s also good to get a take on what other people think is down there or why the hole is so big.

What do I think is down there?

The first sight when you get down there.

I think it’s just a bunch of fish & crawdads. You can see fish but you can’t see the bottom! There is always the creepy feeling that comes over when someone says myths or that people may have died there & the dark hole has been there for a long time so the history goes way back…But it’s probably just a hole right?

My final take…

I think it’s a cool place to go & see. It has a long history & many people have sneaked down there to see what everyone is talking about. My advice is to go when it’s fairly warm out because there is a cool breeze down there. I would also recommend to go when it hasn’t rained in awhile so it’s not flooded down there & you can really enjoy it. Be sure to take some pictures & get your own take on the hole! Let me know if you find out whats at the bottom.

Thanks for reading & here is a close up of the mill!

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